About us

What We Stand For:

Those who have been around desert racing long enough know that it's more than just a sport, it's a lifestyle, and a family of racers. Desert racing teaches us life long lessons and values that go beyond just the race. It teaches us perseverance and resilience to any obstacle thrown at us. 
That's what Race Desert Wear stands for and why we created a line of off-road apparel that more than just a shirt. We want to support the true roots of racing and show our pride in a sport that we hope we can pass on to our children and grand children. 


Our History:

Race Desert Wear sold its first shirt in the deserts of southern California in 2008 at a 100's MC District 37 National Hare and Hound Race but our roots go deeper than that.
We've been around desert racing our entire lives. In fact, below is a picture of our owner in Johnson Valley as a kid learning the ropes from his uncle and dad. 


Our Mission:

We hope that when you buy a Race Desert shirt, you know that you're buying more than just another cool shirt, your supporting the sport you love and have probably shed sweat, blood, and even tears competing in. 

Thanks for checking our our site and you can always find us in the desert. I mean, we don't just make cool shirts, we race too!

We are members of the 100's MC and compete in District 37, US Desert Racing, NHHA, and several other series.